Summer Housing 2019

Prospective Summer Boarder,

Our housing application for Summer 2018 is now live! Our house at 532 Beacon Street, Alpha Theta Sigma Chi, has recently undergone a full-scale renovation. We encourage you to read this page in its entirety before filling out the housing application. You may contact Charlie Nodus at if you have any questions.

Living at 532 Beacon Street

Our house is not your stereotypical fraternity house. It is a beautiful, historical brownstone located in the middle of Boston's Back Bay, at 532 Beacon Street, between Massachusetts Avenue and Charlesgate East. The house is in a very convenient location, as it is within a five minute walk of the Kenmore T Stop, the Hynes Convention Center T Stop, and a stop on #1 Bus Line. It is a ten minute walk to MIT, Symphony Hall, Copley Square, Fenway Park, and the Prudential Center.

We highly recommend visiting our virtual house tour to get a peek at what the house is like.

Our house has many amenities, including full-house air conditioning and heating, an elevator, a brand new baby grand piano and drum set, as well as space for practicing other musical instruments. We have a library, bar, 64.5" 4K Ultra HD TV with an impressive sound system, cable, OnDemand, Netflix, and DVD player, as well as lots of space in our fully-equipped kitchen. Our rooms come furnished with full-sized beds and mattresses, desks, closet space, drawers, and they all have high-speed Internet connections. Our house has an ice machine and free laundry facilities (detergent will be provided). All utilities are covered in our rent. Parking, for a fee, is also available (see below). Typically, there are approximately 12 guys and 18 girls living in the house during any given summer.

Housing Rules

Doubles, triples, and quads are available to rent. Move-in date is Saturday, May 26th, 2019 and Move-Out date is Sunday, August 12th, 2019. If you are unable move in on the specified date, a later date for you to move in can be arranged with a Summer Housing Manager (after you have received confirmation of receiving a room). We are not able to accommodate guests outside of these dates, due to restrictions from the MIT exam period and the start of preseason for fall sports. Residents will be allowed full use of all the house facilities over the summer. Guests are allowed within reason (don't plan on having your friends crash at the house every weekend!). We will be arranging a 4th of July event which all residents are welcome to attend. You may plan other social events at the house with the permission of the Summer House Manager(s). All residents of the house will be responsible for their own living areas. This includes, but is not limited to common areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Also, residents will be responsible for cleaning any dishes and cooking material that they use in the house. In addition, you will be responsible for upkeep of some common space of the house, in a rotating job assigned by the house managers. There will be a $500 refundable deposit (part of the initial $500 payment) to ensure 1) that you do your assigned jobs and help keep the house clean, and 2) that the house is in the same condition at the end of the summer as it was at the beginning.

Selection for Housing

If you are given a spot in the house the initial deposit check will work towards your summer rent. If you are not given a spot this check will be torn up and thrown away.

Once we know which Brothers are spending the summer in Boston, we will know how many spots are available for the summer. This will likely occur sometime in late March, once we know how many spots we will have to rent, but the exact date is subject to change each year. If you are applying for housing as a group, please send your applications and initial payments together. If you wish to take a house tour, please reach out to the summer housemanager before you send us your initial payment. Although we do not make housing decisions on a first come first served basis, it is in your best interest to send in your initialpayment and questionnaire as early as possible to make sure you do not miss the opportunity to live at MIT Sigma Chi.

Please send us a check for your initial payment of $500 (made payable to "Alpha Theta Sigma Chi") and the completed application to:

Alpha Theta Sigma Chi
Attn: Charlie Nodus
532 Beacon St.
Boston, MA 02215-2303

Notes regarding the initial payment:

  • In the event that we receive an initial payment and room request we are unable to fill, we will tear up your check.
  • Please note that giving us a initial payment does not guarantee you a spot in the house (it only puts you on the list of people we will consider for spots after we know how many spots we have to rent). We desire to house our brothers before we accept summer boarders.
  • No spot is secured without an initial payment.
  • If you decide you do not want to live here after you have accepted a spot we have formally offered you, we will keep your initial payment until we are able to rent out your spot. This is for our financial protection.


Rental prices for Summer 2019 are:

  • Double: $2750
  • Triple: $2400
  • Quad: $2200
Prices are per person for the entire summer. Prices cannot be pro-rated regardless of duration of stay. Rental Prices include water, electricity and air-conditioning. Also available are laundry and wireless broadband internet access.


The housing application and Deposit is due by April 5th. Expect responses by April 7th.


We have nine parking spaces in our back lot and brothers' cars will take priority. If there are open spots (which is usually the case), a parking space can be rented for $450.