Class of 2022

Ben Wolz

Course: 6-3
Interests: Stand-up Comedy, Rap

Peyton Greve

Course: 6-3
Interests: Minnesota, Vegetables

Troy Oliveira

Course: 6-9
Interests: Volleyball, Comedy

Grant Miller

Course: 6-3
Interests: Basketball, Producing Music

Dan Pilsbury

Course: 6-3
Interests: Basketball, Canada

George Stultz

Course: 6-3
Interests: Fighting, Baltimore

Julian Manyika

Course: 6-3
Interests: Basketball, Preston

Class of 2023

Kael Kordonowy

Course: 15-3 & 14-1 Minor
Interests: Gaming, Being Tall, Beards

Haran Nadarajah

Course: 6-14 & 15-3
Interests: None

Eli Kramer

Course: 6-9
Interests: Squash, Philosophy

Aaron Fuchs

Course: 6-14
Interests: Basketball, Learning to Surf, Poker, Making Friends

Matas Masys

Course: 6-3
Interests: Lifting

Tim Kostolansky

Course: 8 & 6-3 & 21E
Interests: Modeling, Sculpting, Painting

Dylan Ryan

Course: 2A
Interests: Volleyball, Vallorant, Bird Watching

Rafa Fernandes

Course: 2A
Interests: Skateboarding, Beaches, Miami

Class of 2024

Joaquin Cruz

Course: 2-OE
Interests: ROTC, Rowing, Jokes, Fortnite

Charles Rich

Course: 20
Interests: Harvard, Backflips, Skiing

Bryce Hancock

Course: 15-3
Interests: Competitive Eating, Writing Poems

Jack Roberson

Course: 6-14 & 15-2 Interests: Fast Animals, Talking, Being Tall

Nikhil Kakarla

Course: 6-3
Interests: Squash, Business

Denzel Segbefia

Course: 2A & 15-3 Interests: Competitive Eating, Writing Poems

Trey Gurga

Course: 16
Interests: Planes, Flying Machines, Rockets, Fortnite

Jake Jones

Course: 6-3
Interests: Basketball, Sloan Business Club, New York Sports

Ian Gatlin

Course: 6-9
Interests: FIFA, Sailing, Skiing, Data Science

Preston Hess

Course: 6-9 & 4 Minor
Interests: Movies, Julian, Music, All Things Indie

Chris Gaston

Course: 6-3
Interests: Football, Biking,
Risk Managing

Class of 2025

Ben Sheres

Course: 2A & 6-3 Minor Interests: Volleyball, Cooking, YoYos

Kyle Heinz

Course: 6-2
Interests: Varsity Football, Designing Bowties

Spencer Lin

Course: 6-14
Interests: Basketball, Planting Sunflowers

Jack Grier

Course: 2A & 15-3 Interests: Competitive Eating, Writing Poems
Steven Henry

Steven Henry

Course: 6-2
Interests: Jamaica, Dancing, Traveling

Sanjay Long

Course: 15
Interests: Sports, Band, Movies, Hiking, Travel

Kade Killeen

Course: 2A-6
Interests: Basketball, Choco Milk, TikTok

Tom Hogan

Course: 18C
Interests: Varsity Squash, Other Things

Elie Cuevas

Course: 6-3 &15-1 Minor Interests: Music, Flying, Learning Languages

Michael Higgins

Course: 6-9
Interests: Football, Lifting, Movies

Collin DesRoberts

Course: 2A
Interests: Gymnastics, Golf, Painting


Course: 6-14 & 15-3 Interests: Sports, Psychology, Violin