532 Beacon Street

Built in 1900 and fully renovated in 2014, the MIT Sigma Chi house has in historic Back Bay has housed generations of Sigma Chis for over a century.


Situated on the second floor, the house library is the gathering place for official chapter meetings and an informal study space for brothers and friends of the house. On any given weekday, you might encounter several brothers working together here, and on weekends the space is opened up for social events and semi-formals.

Dining Room

The house dining room features newly-restored tables and chairs and includes an attached kitchenette. After athletes in the house return home from practice, brothers meet here for dinner prepared by our house chef.

Music Room

Furnished with a baby grand piano and drumset as well as a TV + soundbar, the music room is a frequent gathering place for brothers looking to relax or practice their musical talents. On Super Bowl Sunday, couches are arranged in stadium-seating for the annual watch party.

Interior Layout

With 6 total floors, including a recently added fifth floor, 532 Beacon Street has space to accommodate 31 brothers during the semester. Each room, which is either a double, triple, or quad, comes with full-sized beds and a desk for each resident. 

Some people enjoy the scenic walk up our spiraling staircase, but the house also has an elevator that’s used thoroughly by brothers. In addition to rooming, every floor has a full bathroom attached.