532 Beacon Street

Built in 1900 and fully renovated in 2014, the MIT Sigma Chi house has accommodated generations of brothers in historic Back Bay for over a century. In fact, it is one of the oldest houses on campus, and contains the character befitting its history and grandeur.

Located in Boston, just over the Harvard Bridge from Cambridge, the house is the perfect distance from campus. Our home has space to accommodate 31 brothers during the semester. Each room comes with full-sized beds and a desk for each resident. 

The Grand Staircase

Upon entry, visitors notice the remarkable spiral staircase, which connects all six floors of our house. For those too tired to make the trek upstairs, there is an elevator to service all of the floors.

House Tour

Join us for a virtual tour of our stunning brownstone. View the changes and updates since our renovation in 2014, when our Beacon to the Future alumni campaign allowed us to remodel our home.