Login FAQ

Is my information safe?

Our server uses the strongest form of encryption to ensure that your data is safe. It uses the latest version of OpenSSL to encrypt everything sent between your computer and the webserver. Personal information is stored in a password-protected database. Alpha Theta has a very comprehensive and secure website

Certificate Authority

Security is all about trust. There are a handful of organzations (GeoTrust, VeriSign, etc.) which issue "certificates" to trust websites. Internet browsers come built-in with a list of the most important trusted organizations. Whenever you sign into a secure website, it checks who administered the site's certificate against the list of trusted organizations. If it is part of the list, it lets you log in without problems.

Through MIT, we have purchased a certificate from Geotrust. Your browser should already know about the Geotrust Certificate Authority. However, if the certifcate is not present in your browser, you may need to update your browser to a later version.